About Us

On behalf of our research and strategy team, we would like to welcome you to Trends Digest and thank you for visiting our site!  Over the last decade we have been extremely accurate in our advance prediction of disruptive technology and business trends and their application to certain market segments.  Our cross disciplinary team of strategists, scientists, engineers, and subject matter experts create a diverse cross-section of view points, allowing us to, not only understand the market, but how individual technologies will fit together within the context of the macro-environment.  Our analysis, as it cuts across disruptive technology and business trends, also encompasses economic, demographic, and geopolitical trends that continually add weighted factors to risk, timing, and decision making.  On behalf of the Trends Digest Team, we look forward to hearing from you! You can contact the Trends Digest Team at: team@trendsdigest.com

About the Trends Digest Team

At TrendsDigest, we’re Strategic Futurists who peer through the looking glass of disruptive technology trends and see the world — not as it is– but how it might become as trends converge. We will guide you through the events you see in tumultuous world by putting trends into perspective.   What gives the TrendsDigest Team the Expertise of a “Strategic Futurist”?

TrendsDigest experts have performed hundreds of studies and engagements in the areas of disruptive technologies, business, technology, and geopolitical trends. Multilevel analysis from global cross disciplines has enabled the TrendsDigest team an incredible degree of accuracy.

Over the years, Trends Digest has cultivated considerable value in the form of business and public sector expertise. From procurement trends to technology trends to demographics, Trends Digest offers insights from seasoned professional business and government analysts, each having considerable background and recognition in their respective fields. Our analysis is driven by the highest standards of professionalism, with great care given to recognizing and weeding out bias, mining hidden values, and exposing counter-trends that undermine institutional imperatives. Our analysts are thoughtful, contemplative, and candidly honest. The corporate culture that prevails is one of blunt candor and root dialog. While the eyes of the casual observer are distracted by symptoms, we are focused on sources. Trends Digest is a cooperative venture that includes high-profile analysts from a variety of institutions or concerns that have proven their value over decades of service. With people drawn from a variety of sources, and working together in an analytical commons, we have developed a unique ability to illuminate past and current events, and predict future trends with incredible accuracy. A strategic futurist looks at the future as a product of a series of event cycles and the uncertainties that cannot be forecast or predicted. We are focused on what will be in the next decade thus helping you navigate the events of the day.

Our History

Trends Digest was started as an intellectual commons for talented staff of several private firms. Thes firms have been focused on strategic and management consulting, engineering, technology, government, telecommunications, aerospace, international affairs, environment, international trade and law, humanitarian assistance, health care, developing nations, economic development, domestic and international finance, private equity, manufacturing, national security, and defense. A strong desire grew out of this gathering of minds and experience to create a venue for passing along the collected intellectual value in a way that is competitive and useful in the global marketplace.

Today, users from around the world are able to access Trends Digest analysis via the internet. While certain analysis is reserved to specific clientele with respect to geography or purpose, many Trends Digest products are available globally without restriction.

Discerning the future by understanding the past and watching the present…

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