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Google’s Next Search: The Fountain of Youth

By Erika Morphy 091913


“Calico may seem to be an outlier research endeavor for Google, but in fact its roots in analytics and data mining will serve it well as it pursues the secret to aging, suggested Maureen Rhemann, senior strategist for Trends Digest. “Google’s investments in quantum computing — such as its recent purchase of a $15 million quantum computer from D-Wave Systems — place it in a strong position to advance research,” Rhemann said.” READ THE REST OF THE ARTICLE:


Is It Almost Time For Ordinary Investors To Get A Piece Of ‘New Space’?

Mar. 18, 2014 9:39 AM ET  |  Includes: MDDWF by: Maureen Rhemann

“New Space” has always been exciting to the public because it evokes images of wonder — like space travel, speeding rockets, and star gates. But it’s been pretty boring for ordinary investors because there just aren’t many publicly traded companies in this sector. “New Space” often refers to a crop of innovative, commercial upstarts, who are still struggling to get their business models up and running. Many are already in the black. New Space is now in the countdown phase for a major shift.



Challenge the “status quo” of high-end mobile technology? Translated from Spanish

07052011 By… Fernando Mexia

LOS ANGELES.-Turning the world of computing toward mobile devices challenges the hegemony of decades of Microsoft, that tries to stand up to marches forced into attractive proposals from some rivals who announce the “post-PC” era.

Windows has been relegated by the time into the background in the booming business of “smartphones” and shines almost by their absence in the burgeoning and heterogeneous sector of tablets that software comes in the form of inexpensive applications and not expensive programs based on windows. “This is a boxing match that has completed only the first few rounds. “Do not rule out Microsoft, there are still many rounds to name a champion”, Maureen Rhemann, Trends Digest technology analyst, told Efe.  READ THE REST:



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