Client Services

Trends Digest provides custom, boutique analysis in strategic futurism, disruptive technology and business trends using predictive analytical methods and algorithms to develop sound analysis in support of M&A’s, strategic planning, market planning, and market development.  Our R&D arm is engaged in forward research in the area of predictive analytics, semantic and ontological modeling.  We have our own proprietary data that has been collected for the last decade in the areas of disruptive technology and business trends in the following market segments:

– Future of New Space 2025
– Future Global Risks 2025

– Future of Mobile Wireless  2025
– Future of Telecommunications – A Device Agnostic and Network Agnostic World

– Next Generation Business Models 2025 – Global Communications Convergence

– The Agnostic Network of the Future

– Future of Laser Communications and Free Space Optics

– Disruptive Business Models – the Future of Global Communications Networks
– Future Trends: Space and Small Satellites
– The Future of the Virtually Enabled Electronic Hive – “VEE-HIVE”VEEHive Rerport1
– Mobile Wireless Communications
– Future of High Performance Computing
– Disruptive Trends in Demographics/Consumer
– Trends in Computingtdlogo2.png

– Disruptive Trends in Energy

– Future of Data Storage and Cloud  Computing

– Geopolitical Trends

– Predictive Analytics/Data Science

– Macro Trends: Geopolitical, Economic, Financial, Risk

How to Engage Trends Digest:

Most engagements begin with answering a specific research question, usually in support of high level corporate strategy or equity investment.  Trends Digest is comprised of investment analysts, scientists, engineers, and subject matter experts with provenance in their fields. Most engagements are proprietary and support very specific objectives, such as entering new markets, developing new investment strategies, M&A targeting or divestment, or developing a multi-faceted view of how the future might look 10 years down the road, or if a particular concept may be viable.  Global instability across markets also requires an approach to disruptive trends that may constitute risk.

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